Event space

Event space

We offer three different spaces that our clients can enjoy their unforgettable occasions at. All three options are exclusive and contrast between each other just so every client has a chance to choose the one that suits the theme of the celebration the most. For those who strive for excellent meals and exquisite surroundings, we invite you to the restaurant that has earned its great reputation by constantly delivering nothing less but perfection. The restaurant “Natali” is situated in the heart of the business district of Vilnius. “Natali” distinguishes itself by tastefully designed spacious rooms, rich menu and exceptionally flavourful dishes. In addition, during the working days, the restaurant encourages to try the tempting lunch of the day.

For those, who are looking for something more remote, Event Guru suggests holding your event in Karvio Manor House, which is located on the shore of the lake, surrounded by breathtaking nature. The unique surroundings and the cosy rooms create the perfect environment to relax and enjoy the celebration up until the sunrise. It is ideal for the weddings, conferences and business parties. In contrast, “Žvėryno Tavern” is the place for the intimate relative gatherings and sincere conversations. The tavern is rich in history and is the beginning of our journey to the extraordinary culinary world.

Exceptionally cherished and constantly maintained spaces – the exclusive choice for the special occasion. Our team will make sure that all yours and your guests’ requests would be satisfied, so you could fully enjoy the experience.

For your convenience, Event Guru offers exclusive locations in Vilnius and around all Lithuania provided by our loyal partners: everything customized to your needs. Making choices can be difficult, so we will advise and guide you through the process by helping to choose the most suitable location for your event.

Restoranas Natali

Karvio dvaras

Žvėryno smuklė