Event catering and service

Event catering and service

Make sure not only to follow the latest trends, dictated by the fashion icons, when it comes to attire, but to also keep up to date to the constantly evolving wonders in the culinary world. Our journey began when the provocative traditions of Western cuisine have slowly started approaching Lithuania. The chefs began experimenting with various spices, flavours and presentations with caution and care. Over the years of genuine devotion to work, UAB “Nikadita” has improved significantly, by adapting all the innovations that came from the West to our kitchen. So, what is the secret to the incredible flavours? It is the love for food, the ability to listen to what the customer needs and the quality of the execution, which is the main value our company holds. It is the key to our success.

Event Catering includes every possible catering services you can imagine, fitted for every occasion. We can create a celebration you never forget: whether it's for children, newlyweds and their guests, a corporate event or a grand sports celebration. That is because we always bring the best equipment and, due to our long-time experience, are always ready for the unexpected. It has taught us to face every challenge with an excitement and encouraged to constantly look for new, brave decisions and inventive recipes. Whether it is traditional Lithuanian or pretentious French cuisine – our aim is to constantly deliver quality by presenting each dish with an exceptional aesthetics.

For your convenience, Event Catering collaborates with a huge variety of locations in Vilnius: Silver Sky, Vaidila Theater, J9, Vilnius Town Hall, Arkangel Conference and Art Centre, Traders Club and The Palace of the Grand Dukes. We also cater for private functions in summer houses and are more than happy to deliver the service to your desired location.

By choosing Event Catering team you can be sure that your celebration will be a success!


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